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Alaska Symphony of Seafood Winners

2023 Alaska Symphony of Seafood Winners

Seattle People's Choice, Retail, Foodservice and the Bristol Bay Choice Awards were announced at Pacific Marine Expo in Seattle on November 18, 2022. 

Grand Prize, Juneau's People's Choice, Salmon Choice, Whitefish Choice and the 2nd and 3rd Place Retail, Foodservice, and Beyond the Plate winners were announced at the joint Legislative Reception co-hosted by AFDF and United Fishermen of Alaska (UFA) February 23, 2023 in Juneau.  

Hook'd Sock Chimichurri_ 12 oz w Grand Prize sticker

2023 Symphony Grand Prize Winner

Awarded to the product in any category with the best overall score from the judges.  

Wild Caught Alaska Salmon with Ribbon Kelp Chimichurri by Peter Pan Seafoods 

Category: Beyond the Plate

  • 3D-comp-PureCatch_Pollock-Oil_v8_Front_308

    First Place

    Trident Seafoods Pure Catch Wild Alaska Omega-3 Triple Strength

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  • ANPP_Pollock-jerky_WJ

    Second Place

    Trident Seafoods Alaska Naturals 100% Wild-Caught Pollock Jerky Dog Treats

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Category: Retail 

Category: Foodservice 

Special Award: People’s Choice (Seattle)


Awarded by ballot voting at Seattle event

Kelp Chili Crisp

Barnacle Foods 

Special Award: People’s Choice (Juneau) 

Special Award: Bristol Bay Choice


Awarded by BBRSDA to the best Sockeye salmon product.

Wild Salmon Chowder

Thunder's Catch 

Special Award: Salmon Choice 

  • Salmon Chimichurri_ 01 use this

    Special Award - Salmon Choice

    Wild Caught Alaska Salmon with Ribbon Kelp Chimichurri

Special Award: Whitefish Choice 

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