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Startup Accelerator

Partnering with startups to support thriving oceans and industry. 

Alaska is the location to develop, test, and commercialize ocean technologies. We can help. 

We support founders dedicated to improving the profitability, sustainability, and resiliency of the Alaska and global ocean sector.

Alaska offers 33,000 miles of shoreline, more than 7,000 vessels, 158 coastal communities, and one of the largest, most sustainable fisheries in the world. Our ocean sector spends more than $10 billion on operating expenses and harvests five billion pounds of seafood annually. 

We are particularly interested in companies focused on automation, vessel decarbonization, ocean data, marine transportation, seafood quality, ocean modeling, mariculture, and marine coatings. Our current portfolio includes single-member founders to $100+ million startups.

The AFDF Startup Accelerator was founded as the Alaska Ocean Cluster by the nonprofit Bering Sea Fishermen's Association. In 2022, the program was transferred to AFDF and rebranded.

Our Values

Give first.

Pay-it-forward. Don't expect payback. It all works out in the end. The principle can be put any number of ways. All that matters is that we do our best to help entrepreneurs.

Add value.

We strive to add value in every interaction -- whether it's an email, phone call, work product, or lunch meeting. By adding value, we show our respect for an entrepreneur's most valuable asset: time.

Build community.

There's a saying in Alaska: "it takes a village to raise a child." We believe the same is true for startups. In all our interactions with others, we strive to build community by building up others.


Explore the portfolio of startups we're working with to support healthy, thriving oceans around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not at the moment. However, we do help startups connect with grant programs, investors, and other potential sources of funding. We encourage those seeking funding to contact us.

The process begins with a conversation. We will work with you to identify key needs and determine whether our program can help. AFDF extends a formal invitation into the program if we think we can help you grow. We typically meet bi-weekly to advance specific goals we've defined. 

Startups accepted into the program will receive direct support from the Startup Accelerator staff as well as our network of mentors and advisors. We work with each startup to draft a scope of work tailored to their individual needs. We can edit that pitch deck, make an intro to an investor or customer, help find talent, or just be generally nice and supportive!

With over 33,000 miles of shoreline, 158 coastal communities, and one of the largest, most-sustainable wild fisheries in the world, Alaska is an ideal place to develop, test, and deploy emerging ocean technologies. The 49th State also boasts access to the harsh conditions of the Arctic. That's part of why we say, "If it works in Alaska, it'll work anywhere in the world."

Team & Program Advisors

Garrett Evridge Headshot


Garrett Evridge

Garrett was a co-founder of the accelerator in 2020. Originally from Kodiak, he has commercially harvested salmon, Pacific cod, halibut, shrimp, and king crab from Southeast to the Bering Sea. He graduated from the University of Alaska Fairbanks and served for seven years as an economist for the McKinley Research Group. His side projects include application of computer vision in Alaska processing plants, selling seafood in Idaho, and fishing in Bristol Bay. 

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