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Matt Alward

Harvester, Region III
Alward Fisheries

Matthew Alward, Alward Fisheries LLC

Matt Alward is the president of United Fishermen of Alaska. He resides in Homer, AK and operates his seine vessel in the Kodiak salmon fishery and is a Gulf of Alaska halibut quota holder.

Matt Alward started fishing as a crew member almost three decades ago and has been running his own boat since 2004. Based out of Homer, Alaska Matt raised his family on the back deck of his seiner fishing for salmon, herring, and halibut. He has been very engaged in fishery policy; he is currently the president of United Fishermen of Alaska as well as serving on the boards of numerous commercial fishing advocacy organizations. Matt also owns a marine trades business building and repairing purse seines and is engaged in the shoreside section of the industry as well.