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Tomi Marsh with King Salmon

Tomi Marsh

Service Sector, At-Large
F/V Savage

Tomi Marsh of Ketchikan has been involved in the Alaska commercial fishing industry since 1982. Marsh purchased the 80’ fishing vessel, Savage, in Brooklyn, New York and sailed her around to the West Coast. As the owner/operator of the F/V Savage, she fished for crab from the Pribilof Islands, throughout Alaska, and along the coast of Washington and has fished and tendered in Southeast since 1990. She is involved with the Alaska Seafood Marketing Association and serves on the Board of Directors. Marsh also serves as the president of the OceansAlaska mariculture board. She has also traveled widely and has witnessed the benefits of responsible fisheries and community projects in Asia and Mexico. Tomi is also with the Southeast Pilots and pilots ships through Southeast Alaska. Marsh joined the AFDF Board of Directors in 2022.