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20th Anniversary of Alaska Symphony of Seafood: Call for Sponsors


AFDF is proud to announce the 2013 Alaska Symphony of Seafood (ASOS) which marks the 20th anniversary of this unique event. The Symphony is a competition for new commercial-ready products made from Alaska seafood in three categories.

The ASOS was created to encourage new product development from seafood harvested in Alaska. During its 20-year existence, over 350 unique products have been entered by small, medium and large companies. This competition has encouraged millions of pounds of Alaska seafood to be sold as value-added products, maximizing the value of Alaska’s resources.

The 2012 Grand Prize Winner was Tustumena Smokehouse from Soldotna with “Kylee’s Alaska Salmon Bacon”. Other winners in 2012 were American Seafoods with “Sweet Potato Crunch Alaska Pollock Sticks”, AquaCuisine with “Naturally Smoked Salmon Franks”, and Tracy’s King Crab Shack with “Tracy’s Alaskan King Crab Bisque”.

Each year, AFDF receives generous sponsorships from industry and others in order to help make this event possible. In order to make this anniversary event exceptional, AFDF is asking for sponsors to contribute early to allow for additional planning time.

A range of sponsorship levels are available with variety of benefits corresponding to each range of sponsorship. Some of the benefits of sponsorship include complimentary tickets to events, link to company website and company name and logo on advertising materials in Seattle, Anchorage and at the International Boston Seafood Show. Please, contact us at 907-276-7315 or via email to learn more.

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