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Premier Conference on Nutrition and Fats to meet in Vancouver BC this May

May 26 – 30, 2012


The premier, international conference of the Society of Fatty Acids and Lipids happens every 2 years in various cities around the world. This year the conference is taking place in Vancouver, British Columbia on May 26 – 30, 2012.

At this meeting, you have the unique opportunity to learn from the scientists who are conducting leading-edge research in nutrition and fatty acids. New findings in omega-3 nutrition and other nutritional fats will be presented. The program includes new discoveries and evidence on the relationship between fatty acids in chronic disease, as well as findings in metabolism, analytical methods, novel food sources and more. Emerging ideas and current controversies will be discussed. For more information, see the program on the website.

Register now for this special and rare opportunity taking place in our part of the world, in beautiful Vancouver, BC, Canada.

This information is shared with you by Gretchen Vannice, MS, RD, a nutrition research consultant specializing in omega-3 fatty acid education, training and research. Ms. Vannice recently authored Omega-3 Handbook, A Ready Reference Guide for Health Professionals, an easy-to-use reference on omega-3s from food and supplements available at Ms. Vannice is based in Portland, Oregon and can be reached at (email) or 503-281-428

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