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Sea Change: The Alaska Seafood Industry 1982


If there is one generalization that can be made about the Alaska seafood industry, it is that "Anything Can Happen." Dynamic, often unpredictable change is the rule rather than the exception. When viewed from a unified and historical perspective, however, the diverse Alaska seafood business reveals patters and trends that become ever more provocative as the industry matures. This report is an attempt to comprehend the industry as a whole in terms of developmental progress, and to speculate on the shape of the industry's future. 

The seafood industry of Alaska is actually a huge, international array of businesses, including fishermen, processors, investors, vessel designers, consultants, distributors, grocers, retailers, food companies, equipment manufacturers, advertisers, seafood technologists, packaging manufacturers, transportation firms, and many others. Progress and innovation come only from these individual profit-seeking entities. The intent of this publication is to provide insights regarding the context in which these businesses operate, in an effort to catalyze the creative activity that can, in hindsight, be recognized as industry development. 

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