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Omega-3: Wild Alaska Salmon

August 12, 2010

AFDF produced a video documentary, “Alaska Salmon Omega-3 – a Documentary” to increase the awareness of the sustainable source of natural omega-3 oils that are available from Alaska’s wild salmon and the value in a healthy lifestyle. The film features several aspects of this issue with a focus in four (4) major areas: the Alaska salmon industry in general; the people who work to insure sustainable returns of wild Alaska salmon; omega-3 fish oils and their health benefits; and potential new markets for inherently contaminant-free omega-3s as a byproduct of the Alaska salmon industry. The film includes many interviews with experts from the medical and scientific fields, processing and management, and in the omega-3 industry. AFDF has teamed with Tungsten Strategic with grant funding from the Alaska Sustainable Salmon Fund administered by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game to make this film happen. The film was released in July 2009.