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Alaska Seaweed Market Assessment

August 2021


With grant support from the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission, AFDF contracted with McKinley Research Group to assess current and potential markets for Alaska seaweed: “Alaska’s seaweed industry today is modest in size, with just a handful of growers with multiple years’ operating experience and a limited group of retail consumer offerings produced by a small number of companies. However, a host of new potential growers are in or recently emerged from permitting processes, and the potential for seaweed production is immense in the state. To achieve this potential, the Alaska seaweed industry and individual producers must identify markets that are a match for the species, product forms, and cost structures that Alaska can provide. This report informs this discussion, while acknowledging uncertainties associated with the nascent state of the industry, emergent technologies, and evolving consumer preferences. It includes assessments of world seaweed production and trade, domestic production, food markets for seaweed, emerging uses and opportunities for seaweed, and an assessment of Alaska’s current position and future opportunities.” – McKinley Research Group. Download the full report here.